J-PARC Tour Guidance

(tour guidance in Japanese)

We will hold a J-PARC tour for those who arrive at J-PARC on the following date.

  • Date and time: July 1st at 14:05
  • Rendezvous point: TOKAI-GENKEN-MAE bus stop

J-PARC is located at about 1000 km south from Sapporo, and a participant is recommended to move to Tokyo on June 30 and take the 10:30 Highway bus bound for TOKAI/HITACHINAKA from the YAESU bus terminal in JR Tokyo station (south exit) on July 1st. The bus will arrive at 13:07, giving the participant time to take a rest and lunch for about 1 hour. Information to access J-PARC by Highway bus can be found on the following web page:

The following route is recommended for a participant who departs from Sapporo on July 1st.

Time From To Transport
06:43 - 07:22 Sapporo Shinchitose-airport Train
(for Shinchitose Airport)
08:00 - 09:35 Shinchitose-airport Haneda Airplain
10:56 - 11:17 Haneda airport Hamamatsu-cho Tokyo Monorail
Regional rapid service
(for Hamamatsu-cho)
11:23 - 11:35 Hamamatsu-cho Ueno Train
rapid service
12:00 - 13:06 Ueno Mito Train
JR line HITACHI express11
(for Iwaki)
13:10 - 13:24 Mito Tokai Train
JR Joban line
(for Iwaki)
13:52 - 14:01 Tokai east exit TOKAI-GENKEN-MAE Bus
Ibaraki-kotsu bus
(for Kaihin-Koen)

The following web site is useful to find your own route.

The return bus departs at 15:49 from TOKAI-GENKEN-MAE bus stop, and arrives at Tokyo Nihon-bashi terminal at 19:14.

Please DO NOT FORGET to take your passport for identification at the entrance of J-PARC.

If you want to join the J-PARC tour, we recommend you to book a flight via Haneda. You can register for the J-PARC tour in the registration page of the µSR2017.